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Why I’m Not Telling You My New Years Resolution

All my social networks are littered with “New Year’s Resolutions”…. Don’t get me wrong, I’m genuinely happy that so many of you want to better yourselves; but  how many of you can honestly say that you plan to be true to these resolutions in 6 months? 4 months? 2 weeks, even?

Maybe that’s the problem with people today– High school kids post anti-bullying articles to Facebook, then go to school the next day and bully someone. Adults comment on articles about happy marriages, but aren’t cordial to their spouses. People scold celebrities for saying ‘hateful things’, when we are all guilty of saying more ‘hateful things’ ourselves. We hold ourselves accountable to social networks, but we don’t follow up on the behavior we post.

So, let’s quit being hypocrites, and start holding ourselves accountable to the most important source we have… Ourselves.

Therefore, if I’m still faithful to my New Year’s Resolution in 11 months, then I’ll let  you know what it is/was. But for now, I’m going to hold myself accountable.

**Read the conclusion to this post, and my resolution reveal (written 11 months later): I’ve Waited 11 Months to Reveal This

3 comments on “Why I’m Not Telling You My New Years Resolution

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