A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow (Hear me out…)

After 12:00 tonight, if I could be anyone, alive or dead, from the past or present, who would I be? Hear me out, I pick; Hitler’s Publisher, Yoko Ono, and A Member of Chief Black Kettle’s Tribe. I’ll explain…

What about Eckart? Hitler’s Mein Kampf publisher: Eckart met Adolf Hitler when Hitler gave a speech in 1919. Mein Kamph was first published in 1925, anytime between 1919-1925 Eckart could have killed Hitler. This would mean that Hitler would be dead before April 1, 1933, when the Boycott of Jewish-owned shops and businesses in Germany began. MAYBE THE HOLOCAUST NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

What about Yoko Ono?: Not because I want to be Yoko, but because I want to meet John Lennon; Lennon was a Beatle, an artist, an amazing talent. But much of what stands out in my mind goes beyond musical legacy. It has to do with leading by example. Fighting for peace…. Also, I would like to experience America during the “Swinging 60’s”; the British Invasion of music, Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech, the Stonewall Riots, Kennedy’s presidency and assassination, and Neil Armstrong’s moon landing.

A member of Chief Black Kettle’s Tribe: (1803-1868) The Cheyenne have recognized Black Kettle as a great peacemaker. I am a Native American, I have studied Native culture in the hope of understanding my ancestors. Therefore, I would love to be a member of his tribe, learn his peace practices, experience how the Natives lived.

So, I want to kill Hitler, experience the 60’s with John Lennon, and live in a Native American Tribe. But, since I can’t decide on one, I’ll just be myself next year.

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