I Won’t Get My Happiness From Someone Else’s Pain

Oftentimes during my life, when I’ve felt low, people have attempted to comfort me by saying, “your situation isn’t ‘that bad’, someone always has it worse than you.” As true as this is, this concept has never held the power to make me feel better.

This is simply my opinion– based on my perspective– but feeling better because someone else is feeling worse than you is kinda morbid.

For example, I broke my hand in college, and had to take a few weeks off from volleyball because of it. Someone said to me, “some people don’t have a hand to break, be thankful you do.” Is that statement really suppose to make me feel better? How selfish would I be if I actually felt better about myself because there is someone out there who doesn’t have a hand?

I don’t have a heartwarming and motivating conclusion for this blog… But acknowledging that someone out there is less fortunate than me DOES NOT make me feel better…

So, what makes me feel better?… Knowing that I have the power to help those less fortunate than me.

Daily Prompt: Bone of Contention


  1. That’s certainly a different perspective that will cause many of us (myself, foremost) to rethink the habitual quotes we so freely use. New generations = new wisdom = change. Thanks for the article. I certainly enjoyed it! Keep up the informative writings and work. 🙂

  2. The ” acknowledging that someone out there is less fortunate than me DOES NOT make me feel better” is spot on! I can’t explain how frustrated I get when I’m told that there are “starving children in Africa” because, while it’s true (and there are, of course, starving children everywhere), there is no way that my finishing my food could benefit said children. it’s simply a quixotic statement in my opinion.

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