The Ephemeral Moment that Created the Perfect Photo

Everyone has that “perfect wedding photo”. The one they put on the ‘thank you’ card, post on Facebook, and use as their profile picture for a year after the wedding. This blog is not about “that photo”… It is about the ephemeral instant that makes the perfect photo happen.

My ephemeral wedding preparation instant was luckily caught on camera. It’s me, standing between barn doors, holding the Best Man’s Mason jar as he prepares my dress. The result (view below) was an elegant southern masterpiece.

Don’t all pictures have an ephemeral moment?

photo 1

photo 2

Daily Prompt: Ephemeral

Library Diaries, Vol. 3: Gonzo in a Snowstorm

The decision to flee came simultaneously with the devilish-way of the white substance that was falling from the grey tortured sky. To go outside would be to fight the strange madness that the tainted mistress, Mother Nature, has thrust upon us.

I’m certain, by now, that the people have rushed out in droves to gather their milk and their bread. The stores, at this time, are probably desolate.

With good interest in mind, the smart man would stay at home. Weather persons have advised us, like a Gonzo attorney, to slow down on the twisted, black ice, roads. I advise, like a person of experience, to stay off the doomed and cold white roads.

We’ve seen blizzards before, but the likes of this was fast and unforgiving. Flood, blizzard, ice, no power. Snowmaggedon.

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Merging Into Love

Falling in love is like merging into traffic. Sometimes it happens slowly and with caution. Sometimes it happens quickly. 

The day I met my husband I merged like a bat out of hell. A metaphorical coal truck could have been coming and I wouldn’t have noticed. I could have crashed and burned, but I didn’t. I once wrote a blog about our first encounter; The First Time I Met My Husband’s Shoes.

I met him and I loved him, simultaneously. 

I love the way I fell in love.  Love is marvelous, and marriage is the greatest of all adventures… But is one “merge” better than the other? Slow and cautioned, or fast and tenaciously? Either way you get where you are going. 

How did you “merge”? 

50 Stars, 13 Stripes, and the Rule of Thirds

Wind can do many things. Wind can ruin your picnic, refresh you during a run, and power a windmill. Wind can also make the American Flag fly like freedom… and that is my favorite. Wind wakes the Flag up and makes the National Anthem play in the back of my mind.

Normally the American Flag is in the center of my photo, but there is something beautiful about the Rule of Thirds, something tranquil, something peaceful.

But what is the true focal point of this photo? Is it the sun or is it the Flag? That is entirely up to you. It can be the sun, the Flag, the water, or the dock… and why is it up to you? Because the Flag means freedom.

rule of thirds flag

Symmetry is a Teeter-Totter of Love

Webster can give you the textbook definition of the term “symmetry”… No offense to Mr. Webster, but I’m going to venture onto a different path.

My husband and I, we are symmetrical.

We even each other out, like a teeter-totter that doesn’t teeter or totter. Picture it, a perfectly still and symmetrical teeter-totter… One that isn’t bothered by busy movement or competition.

Of course, with a little push, one side of a teeter-totter has the power to rise above the other, but in doing so it would make the other side fall. Back-and-forth and up-and-down it could go, exchanging power from side-to-side. Almost like a repetitive argument that no one can win. My husband and I are not this type of teeter-totter.

We are a perfectly still and even teeter-totter. No one has the upper hand. We are equals, symmetrical in power and authority. We understand that there is no true winner in a fight, and the only loser in a fight is the marriage.

We aren’t the same person, we aren’t exactly alike, and we have different interests… but we have one important symmetrical attribute, we love each other with all we have. Equal, symmetrical, lifelong love.


“We, the Crazy Presidents of the United States…”: Fun Facts about Presidents

Originally posted on Uncustomary Housewife:

Today is President’s Day, and I want to reveal the funny facts and rumors about some of our nation’s most interesting leading men. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite obscure tidbits. Read, and Enjoy!

  1. Ulysses S. Grant was pulled over in D.C. for speeding on a horse. His fine was $20.00 and he had to walk back to the White House.
  2. President Harry S Truman had a shot of bourbon every morning.
  3. Coolidge would press all the call buttons in the Oval Office, hide, and his staff run in.
  4. JFK was a huge James Bond fan. He met the author in 1960 and they talked about how to get rid of Fidel Castro.
  5. In China the most well-known “American names” are Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon.
  6. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt got his nickname because he refused to shoot a bear cub.
  7. Madison and Jefferson were arrested together for taking a carriage ride in the…

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